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Real estate crowdfunding allows investors to invest in a share of a property alongside other investors. The 1031 Crowdfunding portal allows investors to find, explore, identify, and invest in institutional real estate crowdfunding opportunities for 1031 exchanges and alternative investment vehicles focused on tax deferral.

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Our team is here to support investment decisions every step of the way. While we can’t provide investment counsel, we can provide guidance by helping you narrow down property options, helping you understand a properties details, and ultimately helping you complete your investment paperwork so that you can close in as little as 3-5 days.

Our investment experts have over 135 years of combined experience and have helped investors in completing over 1,500 exchange transactions via our portal. Register online for our free portal today to get started with exchange investing.

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What Our Investors Are Saying



Joy H.

The team is professional and responsive. They know DST and real estate investment. I talked to other DST brokers and Ed from 1031Crowdfunding obviously “know” much better. Their platform offers most DSTs on the market and detailed information such as different type of real estate investment, return rate, DST by state, PPM, etc. For people like transparency and research, their platform is a great place to start.

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Kevin C.

These guys were efficient, professional and detail-oriented. Our first deal with them had a tight timeline and they barely broke a sweat working with our exchanger to get it done! We would highly recommend them for your 1031 options. It was a great investment working with a great team.

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Roger S

Roger S.

The whole process through 1031 exchange went very smooth. We rolled over the proceeds from my wholly owned property within our trust split the proceeds up to two different properties through 1031 exchange with no real issues or hiccups. They had great communication good follow up always got back to me with the answer to my questions and overall very happy with the process.

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Arman O

Arman O.

I had a tight window to deal with a 1031 Exchange and this company helped me make it happen with DSTs! Everyone was very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and available to help.

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Anne S

Anne S.

These folks are the best. I am a very particular RE investment person doing business for the first time in unfamiliar arena of DSTs. Everyone was extremely helpful throughout the process and extremely knowledgeable as well.

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Vance S

Vance S.

Ed Fernandez picked up the phone after hours and steered us through a tight time line. Personalized service matching our financials with his resources to get the best fit. Very pleased thus far.

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Gene D

Gene D.

Excellent platform for 1031 exchanges. I have moved to 1031CrowdFunding after five 1031 exchanges with another platform due to better communication, reporting, and analysis of offerings. Kudos to Miles and Kiva for making the process so professional and secure.

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These unpaid testimonials may not be representative of your experience and are not a guarantee of future performance or success. Individual’s specific circumstances and experience will vary.


Investors are getting 100% of cash flow and do not pay a fee to use the portal. 1031 operates as a sponsor to property so revenue from the property paid to 1031 Crowdfunding is already built into the property contract.

Most properties range from $25K minimum investment to $1 million minimum investment. Total equity of properties can range from $30K, all the way to $1 billion.

Once you’ve chosen an investment property from within the portal, you might reconnect with one of our investment experts to complete and finalize your paperwork. Your information security is our top priority so once your paperwork is complete, you’ll be able to download and sign via our secure cloud network DocuSign.

Key Metrics such as: Cash flow, LTV, Minimum Purchase Amount, Total Equity & Holding Period. Self-Access documents such as Property PPM, Tax Opinion, Financial Forecasts, Property Condition Reports, Appraisals, Mortgage Documents, Lease Information, Agreements, Titles, etc.

As fiduciaries, our experts can walk you through investment options to help you make informed investment decisions. All of our properties are qualified and evaluated through our own proprietary model to determine the quality of the investment. Once evaluated, you will see indicators within the portal of quality opportunities.

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1031 Exchange Properties At Your Fingertips

The 1031 Crowdfunding portal allows investors to find, explore, identify, and invest in institutional real estate crowdfunding opportunities for 1031 exchanges and alternative investment vehicles focused on tax deferral.
Investment properties, such as the examples to the left, include all of the details, market information, and documents needed for investors to make a decision about their 1031 exchange.
To start exploring our properties, please register via our online form. Once qualified by our team, you will be granted full, free access to the secure portal where you can start your real estate exchanges within days.

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