Edward Fernandez Featured on the Inc. Business Brainstorm Podcast

By Kevin Olds | November 25, 2021

Today our President and CEO, Edward Fernandez, was featured on the Inc. Business Brainstorm Podcast hosted by Andrew Medal.

This is where listeners hear scaling and growth tips, leader and management tactics, and big business ideas of how to create ultra-successful companies.


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Episode Description:

“Welcome to another episode of The Business Brainstorm Podcast. Joining us today is Edward E. Fernandez, President, and CEO at 1031 CrowdFunding, LLC. 1031 Crowdfunding LLC is a central real estate crowdfunding platform specializing in 1031 exchanges and other tax-deferred investment vehicles. The management team’s experience and network of corporate ties are critical pillars of any successful organization. Edward Fernandez founded the company having this vision in mind. With over $2.2 billion in real estate transactions under their belts, 1031 Crowdfunding’s management team is well-equipped to handle the wide range of unique issues that a real estate platform is likely to face. The team has vast experience with a range of investment structures, having sold over $1 billion in securities throughout a combined 72-year tenure in the securities industry. 1031 Crowdfunding’s management team has the breadth of knowledge needed to navigate the oceans of this developing business, from DSTs to private real estate funds to public non-traded REITs. 1031 Crowdfunding has been named the #1 Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform for 1031 Exchanges by The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review and Millionacres, with over 500 transactions completed. Are you into real estate? Then tune in on this episode and learn more!”


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