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UPREITs: Want to Know More?

After our last post on UPREITs and 721 exchanges, we had some questions from our readers, so we thought we'd take a moment and discuss UPREITs in a little more depth for those of you who might also like to know more.

Exchange Alternatives with UPREITs and 721 Exchanges

We talk about 1031 exchanges all day long! But… Did you know that 721 exchanges are another means to defer capital gains when exchanging property?

Anticipating Demand for Syndicated 1031 Exchanges

Between 2002 and 2007, syndicated 1031 exchange programs reached an all-time high with over $12.4 billion of equity raised, according to Mountain Dell Consulting, LLC, an independent consulting firm and affiliate of Orchard Securities, LLC, a registered member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

State of the 1031 Exchange Industry

Exchange Quarterly recently published its fourth quarter 2015 report featuring an article entitled 1031s…Hot and Diversified by Brandon Balkman, VP of Marketing at Mountain Dell Consulting, LLC. The article described the 1031 exchange market as "hot for real estate agents and securities brokers alike." Based on our analysis, we tend to agree.

The Diverse Purposes of Real Estate

In our last blog, we discussed ways to diversify your real estate portfolio. We stated that risk of significant capital loss could be reduced by acquiring multiple properties varied in purpose, location, ownership structure, management structure and tenancy because it would be unlikely that all such properties would experience challenges at the same time.