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State of the 1031 Exchange Industry

Exchange Quarterly recently published its fourth quarter 2015 report featuring an article entitled 1031s…Hot and Diversified by Brandon Balkman, VP of Marketing at Mountain Dell Consulting, LLC. The article described the 1031 exchange market as "hot for real estate agents and securities brokers alike." Based on our analysis, we tend to agree.

The Diverse Purposes of Real Estate

In our last blog, we discussed ways to diversify your real estate portfolio. We stated that risk of significant capital loss could be reduced by acquiring multiple properties varied in purpose, location, ownership structure, management structure and tenancy because it would be unlikely that all such properties would experience challenges at the same time.

Diversifying Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Whether you’re new to investing or you’re a career investor, you should understand the importance of diversity within your portfolio. The higher percentage of your portfolio that is invested in one investment or one type of investment, the greater risk you have of experiencing a significant loss of capital. However, when your portfolio is diversified among many types of investments, the likelihood that each type will experience loss at the same time is low; therefore, your risk of capital loss is significantly decreased.

1031 Crowdfunding's 2015 Review

As we journey into the new year, our belief remains strong that 1031 Crowdfunding continues to offer a unique opportunity for real estate investors who are looking for a 1031 exchange to simplify their real estate investment experiences, while potentially increasing their investment returns.

1031 Exchanges Meet Goals, DSTs Reduce Challenges

High 1031 exchange traffic has been “an effect of retiring baby boomers looking for a more stable investment class” according to Chad Kurz, managing partner of Matthews Retail Advisors, as quoted in GlobeSt.com’s September 17, 2015, article, Baby Boomer Behind Active 1031 Exchange Market, by Kelsi Maree Borland.


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