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Calculating Depreciation

Last week we introduced depreciation and mentioned that a 1031 exchange could save you from the immediate cost of depreciation recapture. To fully understand depreciation, including how the year you purchased the property and various depreciation methods factor into your calculations, consult your tax advisor or IRS publication 946. Today, we'd like to look at some additional basics you should know.

Depreciation: What is it? A Blessing & A Curse

It isn't fun to consider how your real estate properties have deteriorated as they face another year of use by tenants, harsh weather conditions, aging building materials, and other factors. However, when that deterioration results in tax deductions and increased cash flow, then maybe it isn't so bad. When it comes to accounting books and tax returns, this deterioration is known as depreciation.

1031 Crowdfunding Acquires Memory Care Facility

1031 Crowdfunding, LLC announced today that on May 1, 2018, through joint venture with Seasons Management, LLC, it acquired a 48-bed memory care facility in Hillsboro, Oregon for a total purchase price of $14 million.

13 Benefits of DSTs in 1031 Exchanges - Real Estate 1031 Exchanges Made Easy

If you’re considering real estate investing or considering changing your real estate strategy, maybe you’re wondering why there is so much chatter about Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs). Well, we would like to take a moment of your time to tell you about 13 benefits of DSTs that keep us talking about DSTs.