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Compressing Cap Rates Shift Buyers’ Market

In our last blog we talked about the many considerations to make when looking at capitalization rates (cap rates) to determine an investment’s value. If you’ve spent any time since then looking at the various cap rates of current offerings or read any articles about average cap rates around the nation, you may have realized that cap rates vary significantly from one market to another, from one region to another, from one property type to another.

Plan Your Exit

In our recent blog on UPREITs, we mentioned that some Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) may utilize an exit strategy that involves a 721 exchange into an UPREIT. Since this type of exit strategy is just one way DSTs dissolve their assets and provide a return to beneficiaries, we thought we’d briefly discuss some of the considerations that go into determining an exit strategy.

UPREITs: Want to Know More?

After our last post on UPREITs and 721 exchanges, we had some questions from our readers, so we thought we'd take a moment and discuss UPREITs in a little more depth for those of you who might also like to know more.

Exchange Alternatives with UPREITs and 721 Exchanges

We talk about 1031 exchanges all day long! But… Did you know that 721 exchanges are another means to defer capital gains when exchanging property?

Anticipating Demand for Syndicated 1031 Exchanges

Between 2002 and 2007, syndicated 1031 exchange programs reached an all-time high with over $12.4 billion of equity raised, according to Mountain Dell Consulting, LLC, an independent consulting firm and affiliate of Orchard Securities, LLC, a registered member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.


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