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Apartments and Student Housing Attracting Investors

With back-to-school fresh in our minds, as real estate investors could we turn back-to-school shopping into back-to-school investing? Well it would seem that many real estate investors are doing just that.

S&P 500 New Sector to Benefit DSTs

On Aug 31 an important shift in the stock market is set to occur, and we expect it will have a significant impact on Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investors.

Navigating a Crowded Exchange Market: 5 Strategies to Beat the Competition

National Real Estate Investor’s Beth Mattson-Teig reported in 1031 Buyers Battle Competition for Assets, Proposed Reforms on April 27, 2016, that the 1031 market continues to be a very crowded and competitive market, causing investors to have to work harder to find replacement properties.

Will Brexit Impact U.S. Real Estate?

In the wake of the surprising June 23rd vote by The United Kingdom (UK) to withdraw from the European Union (EU), the question continues to be asked: “What does this mean for (fill in the blank)?” Depending on who you are, who you know, where you live and where you do business, the question will take its own form, but there is a unanimous concern about the impact of this decision.

The Merits of Student Housing Assets

Universities have long since realized that providing housing for students is essential if students are going to be educated at the highest level. With an ever-increasing rate of enrollment, universities have a need to increase their student housing offerings.


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