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Six Benefits to Furnishing Student Housing

Today we'll take a look at six benefits to furnishing student housing.

Student Housing Success Stories

Today we are highlighting two Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”) as examples of investment funds that have been publicly involved in the student housing industry for more than a decade. These funds have experienced sustained success with continued growth by investing solely in student housing communities.

Parental Guarantors Secure Student Housing

It’s great to have high occupancy on your rental properties, but if your occupants are not stable credit-rated tenants and do not have means to pay rent, then high occupancy doesn’t equate to high investment value.

Apartments and Student Housing Attracting Investors

With back-to-school fresh in our minds, as real estate investors could we turn back-to-school shopping into back-to-school investing? Well it would seem that many real estate investors are doing just that.

S&P 500 New Sector to Benefit DSTs

On Aug 31 an important shift in the stock market is set to occur, and we expect it will have a significant impact on Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investors.