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What Cap Rate is Right for You?

There’s much debate when it comes to determining what capitalization rates (cap rates) to look for when making a real estate investment.

Paying Too Much Tax for Your Crowdfunded Investments?

Crowdfunding platforms have made investing in real estate easier than ever.

Additionally, real estate companies have access to more investors and are funding their real estate transactions at a faster pace and often more efficiently.

A Surge in Syndicated 1031 Exchanges

During the last two years, the syndicated 1031 exchange market, primarily existing of Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) programs with a few Tenant-in-Common (TIC) programs, has experienced a surge in transactions, raising record amounts of equity. Though real estate analysts anticipated this surge, the actual transaction amounts exceeded expectations.

Capital Gains Got You Down?

Owing more in tax than what you received from sale.

You may wonder how some people end up with a tax bill that is larger than the amount of cash they take home from the sale of their property. Or maybe this is your current circumstance and you don’t know how you got here. We’d like to take a moment to offer an explanation of how this is possible so that you don’t find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance.

Why Real Estate Investors Are Choosing DSTs over REITs

It is not too hard to argue that the more money you invest, the more money you can make. So if you could defer paying taxes and use that money to increase the amount of your next investment, wouldn’t you do it? Of course you would at least look into it. Let us answer some of the common questions about 1031 Exchanges-DST's and REIT's.