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Benefits, Risks & Fees of Delaware Statutory Trusts

1031 Exchange Requirements

1031 exchanges can be an opportunity for investors to defer the tax consequences that come from the sale of a property. However, there are certain requirements that must be met in order for 1031 exchanges to be considered valid by the IRS. These requirements include the following:

1031 Exchange Backup Plan

Marcus decided it was time to increase his investment potential. He planned to sell the 2-bedroom condo he had been renting to tenants for ten years and purchase a triplex or fourplex through a 1031 exchange. In compliance with 1031 exchange regulations, he engaged a qualified intermediary (“QI”) to handle the funds of the condo and the eventual acquisition of the replacement property.

1031 Exchange Guide for 2021

1031 exchange guide for 2021

1031 Exchange Rules

If you own an investment property, you may want to understand the set of IRS rules for 1031 exchanges. This is because you may need to pay a significant capital gains tax when you make more off selling an investment property than you paid for it.

A 1031 exchange can be a great tax advantage for real estate investors, allowing you to defer paying taxes on your investment property's sale for virtually as long as you want. This 2021 guide to 1031 exchanges will help you through the process.

Identify Properties Online for Your Real Estate Exchange

If you are a real estate investor, by now you’ve heard about the benefits associated with 1031 real estate exchanges. Although these have gained in popularity, real estate exchanges can be difficult for investors due to the strict guidelines outlined by the IRS.

What to Do With Inherited Property

what to do with inherited property

What to Do With Inherited Property

While a home may be the most generous gift you receive, inheriting a property can be an emotionally fraught process. You are likely inheriting the property after the death of a loved one, and setting foot inside the house may bring on feelings of sorrow and grief. On top of these emotions, you may also be dealing with stressful and confusing financial decisions. Determining what to do with inherited property impacts you and your family. To move forward, you should understand your options, assess the financial consequences of your decision and seek assistance from an expert who can help you navigate the legal and tax requirements associated with inheriting property.