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Understanding DST 1031 Exchanges, Part 2

Investor Rights and Trustees Responsibilities in a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)

When investing in a DST, investors purchase units of beneficial interest and become beneficiaries of the DST's operations. As beneficiaries, investors have the following rights and responsibilities:

Understanding DST 1031 Exchanges

We speak to investors daily about the benefits of DSTs, but if you haven’t invested in a DST before, you may be wondering, what is a DST? What does DST even stand for?

What Is a Bridge Loan

what is a bridge loan

What Is a Bridge Loan?

In an ideal setting, an investor can use the funds from the sale of one property to pay for the purchase of a second one. There might come a time when the gap between sales is large enough that an investor can't immediately use the proceeds from the sale of Property A to cover the cost of purchasing Property B. In that case, they need funding to "bridge" the gap. Enter bridge lending, also called bridge funding, bridge financing or a bridge loan.

People can use bridge loans when they are buying and selling properties for personal use. A business or professional investor can also use a bridge fund to cover a gap in funding.