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Cost Segregation Benefits

Many investors are looking for ways to maximize their tax deferral and improve their investment opportunities. Cost segregation offers many benefits for investors and property owners, including increased cash flow. Pairing cost segregation and a 1031 exchange is one of the most valuable tax strategies investors can utilize, helping reduce operating costs and defer capital gains.

Investing in NNN Properties

NNN property investments

As you consider your lease options for a new real estate investment, you might want to know if a triple net investment is the right choice. Whether you're working with a 1031 exchange or acquiring new properties for commercial leasing, an NNN investment may be an appealing option.

Accredited Investor Requirements

An accredited investor — also called a qualified investor — is a designation that allows certain investors access to unique investment opportunities that retail investors and the general public cannot access. These opportunities can be illiquid and high-risk, yet they are more plentiful than ever due to the number of investors looking for alternatives to diversify their portfolios. Many investments are only available to accredited investors due to the inherent risks.

Though the risks with these investments can be higher, so can the rewards. Knowing the requirements of an accredited investor in terms of process and qualifications could help you gain privileged access to appealing opportunities.