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1031 Crowdfunding Closes Senior Housing DST Portfolio as Opportunity Reaches Full Subscription

This is the company’s 7th senior housing care facility investment offering

Data from the CDC shows the average life expectancy for Americans now stands at 77 years old, following a steady rise in recent decades. Increased longevity is leading Americans to think more about their living arrangements as they age. As a result, the need for senior housing facilities is rising, presenting real estate investors with more opportunities to become owners of these facilities.

What to Do With Inherited Property

What to Do With Inherited Property

While a home may be the most generous gift you receive, inheriting a property can be an emotionally fraught process. You are likely inheriting the property after the death of a loved one, and setting foot inside the house may bring on feelings of sorrow and grief. On top of these emotions, you may also be dealing with stressful and confusing financial decisions. Determining what to do with inherited property impacts you and your family. To move forward, you should understand your options, assess the financial consequences of your decision and seek assistance from an expert who can help you navigate the legal and tax requirements associated with inheriting property.

Establishing a Replacement Property Backup Plan

Recently we spoke about the strict requirements for identifying replacement properties when completing a 1031 exchange. Today we will discuss how to establish a backup plan to ensure a successful exchange.