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1031 Crowdfunding's 2015 Review

As we journey into the new year, our belief remains strong that 1031 Crowdfunding continues to offer a unique opportunity for real estate investors who are looking for a 1031 exchange to simplify their real estate investment experiences, while potentially increasing their investment returns.

We are grateful to each of you for your investments, subscriptions, and referrals. Without you we would not be able to do what we do. We look forward to building upon our relationship with you over these next months. May each of you enjoy a fruitful and blessed 2016.

With so much to look forward to in 2016, we thought we’d pause for a moment to consider all that has happened at 1031 Crowdfunding in 2015. Take a look at the timeline of events that characterized our founding year along with a look at some of the numbers that represent 1031 Crowdfunding since inception.

February: 1031Crowdfunding.com launched, presenting 1031 exchange-eligible, 506c Delaware Statutory Trust offerings.

March: 1031 Crowdfunding made its first industry conference appearance.

March: 1031 Crowdfunding began posting regular blogs to educate subscribers about real estate investing and introduce 1031 Crowdfunding’s personnel, practices and processes.

May: 1031 Crowdfunding Founder and CEO, Edward Fernandez, appeared as a panel participant at IMN’s Real Estate Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum.

May: 1031 Crowdfunding introduced sole ownership properties for investors desiring the services of 1031 Crowdfunding to acquire undivided interest in investment-grade, commercial real estate.

June: 1031 Crowdfunding launched 1031Clearinghouse.com as an educational portal, answering basic and complex 1031 exchange questions for new and experienced 1031 exchange investors.

July: 1031 Crowdfunding Founder and CEO, Edward Fernandez, appeared as a panel participant at the Opal Financial Group’s Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum.

August: Crowdfundbeat.com picked up and republished 1031 Crowdfunding blog “What is Boot? & How to Avoid it.”

September: 1031 Crowdfunding Founder and CEO, Edward Fernandez, moderated a panel at IMN’s 2nd Annual Crowdfunding Forum for Real Estate.

October: 1031 Crowdfunding was named the #1 crowdfunding site for 1031 exchanges and ranked #11 overall out of the top 100 real estate crowdfunding sites by The Real-Estate Crowdfunding Review.

October: 1031 Crowdfunding acquired $25 million from a joint venture partner for the purpose of acquiring healthcare real estate to create Delaware Statutory Trusts for 1031 exchange investors.

While these numbers encourage us and help us measure our progress, it is the people that these numbers represent who motivate us to continue to strive for excellence as we serve each individual. We look forward to the exciting opportunities that will emerge from new offerings, new sponsors, and new relationships in 2016. Join us; you won’t want to miss out.

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