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What is Syndication?

As we talk about 1031 exchanges and Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), we may mention terms that you don’t fully understand. While there are hundreds of key terms involved in 1031 exchanges and DSTs that you can find defined in any investment glossary, we’ll explore some of the terms we frequently get asked to clarify.

Securities for Accredited Investors

After browsing 1031Crowdfunding.com you may see that many of the investments we offer are intended for accredited investors. So you ask yourself, what is an accredited investor? Am I an accredited investor? Why do I need to be an accredited investor?

Leaving Your Heirs with Assets not Liabilities

As some say it, the way to get the most out of 1031 exchanging is to "swap till you drop."

Can You 1031 Exchange Into a REIT?

can you 1031 exchange into a REIT

Can You 1031 Exchange Into a REIT?

Investing in real estate can be an excellent strategy for diversifying your portfolio. A REIT can be an ideal investment option if you want cash flow via real estate without worrying about management responsibilities. So, can you do a 1031 exchange into a REIT? While using a 1031 exchange to invest in REIT shares may sound like a wise idea, doing so can be complicated and may not be directly possible.

This guide includes the basics of REITs, how 1031 exchanges work and what investment options are available to you.

Guide to Like-Kind Exchanges

guide to like-kind exchanges

Guide to Like-Kind Exchanges

If you are an investor and considering selling your investment property and purchasing another, you may want to do a like-kind exchange. With a 1031 like-kind exchange, you can sell your investment property, purchase a like-kind property and defer capital gains tax.

At 1031 Crowdfunding, we want to help you through the process of a like-kind exchange. This like-kind exchange guide includes the basics of the rules, definitions and concepts you may want to understand before you jump into the 1031 like-kind exchange process.