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Martin P

Martin P.

1031 Crowdfunding was highly professional, timely, and adept through the entire processes of helping me find excellent solutions to my 1031 challenges. What I was highly appreciative about was the fact that, in my case, the amount of investment was relatively small compared to most other clients of theirs. I was nonetheless treated with exceptional professionalism from start to finish. A second aspect of my appreciation was the fact that my 1031 experience was zero and I needed to be informed about all aspects of ‘how’ the law works in addition to ‘how’ the law correlated to 1031 Crowdfunding processes. Staff and leadership assisted me in every step of the way. The 1031 regulation calls for segregation of duties between the organization which provides investments, and the organization which holds funds in escrow. 1031 Crowdfunding strictly adhered to all of the regulation-based segregation activities which gave me high levels of confidence that my investments were made in the proper way. 1031 Crowdfunding is highly recommended.

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Roger S

Roger S.

The whole process through 1031 exchange went very smooth. We rolled over the proceeds from my wholly owned property within our trust split the proceeds up to two different properties through 1031 exchange with no real issues or hiccups. They had great communication good follow up always got back to me with the answer to my questions and overall very happy with the process.

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Anne S

Anne S.

These folks are the best. I am a very particular RE investment person doing business for the first time in unfamiliar arena of DSTs. Everyone was extremely helpful throughout the process and extremely knowledgeable as well.

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Cecilia S Headshot

Cecilia S.

I did my second 1031 exchange with 1031 Crowdfunding… Obviously the 1st experience was executed so smoothly and effortlessly that I did not hesitate to use them again for my 2nd exchange. The process is easy, the website is intuitive, the staff are so helpful and efficient, and the availability of choices are ample and varied. I am so glad to have found them!

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Arman O

Arman O.

I had a tight window to deal with a 1031 Exchange and this company helped me make it happen with DSTs! Everyone was very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and available to help.

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David W.

Excellent choices for 1031 DST Exchanges, without finding and buying replacement property, with capital gains deferred same as a regular 1031. Professional, courteous staff, they are very helpful. A++, Highly Recommended.

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Gene D

Gene D.

Excellent platform for 1031 exchanges. I have moved to 1031CrowdFunding after five 1031 exchanges with another platform due to better communication, reporting, and analysis of offerings. Kudos to Miles and Kiva for making the process so professional and secure.

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