A Solution for Your 1031 Exchange: Who We Are

By Thomas P. Roussel | December 7, 2020

Exchange investors today have a tough job. Whether they’re facing-off against a crowded market, rushing to meet the 45-day identification deadline, seeking the right real estate investment, or needing to diversify, 1031 Crowdfunding offers solutions.

1031 Crowdfunding is an online marketplace where real estate investors can find, view, and purchase a variety of available, turn-key, investment-grade properties. By presenting investors with 1031 exchange-qualified properties through Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), we strive to ensure every 1031 exchange investor has the opportunity to complete a successful exchange.

To alleviate the difficulties of 1031 exchanging, we conduct thorough due diligence of the DST offerings presented on our platform and work to meet investor needs. Our goal is to offer a stress-free 1031 exchange experience.

No Competition.

Investors who invest in DST offerings listed on the 1031 Crowdfunding platform don’t have to compete with other buyers to acquire investment properties. The properties are ready to be identified and the closing process can begin immediately.

No Closing Risk.

The DST already owns the properties before the investor purchases his or her shares of beneficial interests in the DST. Investors can typically close within 3-5 business days.

Hassle-free 45-Day Identification Period.

Investors can create a backup plan for their 1031 exchange by listing a DST as an identified candidate replacement property that can be acquired if other identified property transactions fail.

No Management Responsibilities.

Some investors are tired of dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities of actively managing real estate. With a DST, investors can still enjoy the benefits of owning real estate without dealing with the tenants, toilets, and trash.

On Budget.

Investors acquire a percentage of a high-value commercial real estate without having to exceed their budgets.


Investors have an opportunity to acquire smaller portions of various properties to diversify their portfolios.

Knowledgeable Counsel.

Investors receive extensive assistance from our team of experts during each phase of the investment.

The 45-day Identification Period can be a very stressful event for 1031 exchange investors. 1031 Crowdfunding can ease the stress with its online turn-key solution. At the click of a button you’ll be provided with all the details and documents needed to assist in your due diligence. Our experienced team of securities and real estate professionals can help you accomplish your exchange within days.

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