Insure your 1031 Exchange

Using a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)

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DST 1031Exchange

  • Property already purchased and ID
  • Not responsible for debt
  • Close in 2-7 days
  • No 45 day worries
  • Diversification


Traditional 1031Exchange

  • Difficult to purchase and ID
  • Responsible for debt
  • Potential closing delays
  • 45 day worries
  • No Diversification

How does 1031 Exchange DST Insurance work?

Attorney Jonathan Kinney at BK&K PC was quoted in BKK Wills, Trusts & Estates News Letter in the November 2013 ‘1031 Exchanges with a Twist’ “The main advantage of the Delaware Statuary Trust (DST) is that you can identify the trust’s real estate as one of the three replacement properties by the end of the 45-day period for a 1031 Exchange. The trust can serve as a backup if the preferred exchanges are unable to be consummated for any reason during the statutory period. In other words, the Delaware Statutory Trust can be an effective back stop in a 1031 Exchange.”

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a separate legal entity created as a trust under Delaware statutory law, which permits a very flexible approach to the design and operation of the entity. Investors in a DST own a pro rata interest in the trust and have the right to receive distributions from the operation of the trust, either from rental income, or from the eventual sale of the property.

1031 Tax Deferred Changes and a DST

For the purposes of a 1031 tax-deferred exchange, the purchase of a beneficial interest in a DST is treated as a direct interest in real estate, thus satisfying that requirement of IRS Revenue Ruling 2004-86. (An IRS Revenue Ruling, unlike an IRS Revenue Procedure, may be relied upon by other taxpayers in defense of a 1031 exchange position).



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